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Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10



Health and Wellbeing

Induction for new starts

Student council

Road Safety


Social media awareness, digital safety and resilience, selfies and body image > -

Desert-Island Living

Change, Loss and Grief

Remembrance: Songs of War and Peace

Mental health and wellbeing, stress and depression

Coping with Feelings of loss, bereavement, rejection

Moral Decision-making

Critical Thinking / Logical Fallacies



Handling examination Stress



Food, drink, drugs, medicine

Healthy Eating
+Eating Disorders

Healthy Sleeping

Legal drugs - medical
Medicine; allergies / conditions and their treatments (e.g. asthma, diabetes…)

Legal Drugs - recreational



Understanding Addiction

Illegal Drugs
Classification, effects; legal implications

First Aid Training



Global Politics and Citizenship

Why do we have rules?
Rights/responsibilities; school code of conduct

What is democracy? What is dictatorship?

Road Safety

Human Rights, Children’s Rights
Rights and responsibilities; role / history of the UN after WW2.

Law and Justice, Crime and Punishment, Civic Duty with a focus on France, types of crime

Fake News and the Power of the Media

Are you Left-Wing or Right-Wing?

Voting Systems

Is there a global youth culture?

Activism, Radicalisation,


Nuclear Proliferation



Prejudice and Equality, Empathy, Identity and Diversity

Ageism / Disablism

National stereotypes; Asylum Seekers, illegal immigrants

Sexism and Gender Stereotyping

Nationalism, Internationalism, Racism


World Religions

Poverty and homelessness


Homophobia / Transphobia



Careers and Economics

Money and Personal Budgeting
Lending and borrowing – how does money / do banks work?

Revision Techniques

Different type of Jobs

Who is your role model?

Economic systems compared – capitalism and communism

Consumer Rights; Taxation; Social Security

What should I study for IGCSE?

Ethical consumption, Fair Trade

CVs, Work experience, mock interviews


Gambling/Online Gambling

Revision timetable / techniques

What should I study for IB?



Relationships, Sex and Sexuality

Puberty, reproduction and hygiene, crushes

Friendship / Bullying / Assertiveness

Sex v. Gender


Friendship and Love

Shyness and Confidence

Family tensions


Consent, forming relationships

Dealing with Harassment and Abuse

Gang Culture

Sexual Harassment

Contraception / Sexually Transmitted Infections, inc. HIV

Sex, nudity, pornography (carousel)

Online pornography